Patients with depression suffer depressive thoughts. Many experience self loaths, having negative thoughts towards themselves, which tend to affect other parts of their lives, sometimes physically as depression can cause changes in behaviors. A number of depressed patients end up with eating disorder, either from eating too little or eating too much, causing their physique to change drastically, sometimes in a short amount of time, which links directly to poor body image and results in even more negative self esteem.


Kalyakorn Naksompop, founder of RAQUE is among them. She has been suffering chronic depression. She too loathes herself and suffers eating disorder, which results in tremendous weight gain over the years. This not only add more factors to her negative body image, but puts even more layers of negativity to already-very-complex-depressive thoughts as she feels the lost of control and disappointment towards herself. Having the society ties the word "beauty" to a small range of body types, makes her suffer even more from negative body image as she looses the power to feel she is "good enough." That makes her loathe herself even more.

She's not alone.

Nevertheless, Kalyakorn found one thing that could help her through depressive moments. That is the ability to express her power of creativity via fashion. This makes her able to appreciate her different body image, gain more esteem while making her feel more valued.

Hence, RAQUE is founded  by a chronical depressed patient, to help others create new meaning of aesthetics, so everybody can appreciate their individual differences that create their unique value.


Kalyakorn said this brand began with love to give love forward to fellow patients, in form of knowledge, emotional support, confidence, and inspiration, through a fashion brand. RAQUE is operated with a structure of social enterprise, giving profit made from RAQUE products forward to raise awareness on depression. She hopes by having more awareness and the right information regarding the disease can make people who suffer from depression gain faster access to treatment, to be able to finally live a happy life.

Because fashion...

 has so much more meaning

Because aesthetics...

does not mean stereotypical

Because beauty...

should not be defined by society

RAQUE, therefore, is about

LOVE we have towards ourselves

O U R  O P E R A T I O N S

We design our operations in such way that our every move can leave positive imprints on depression patients, raising the feelings of self worth, reducing causes to harm themselves - and to raise  raise awareness on the disease among the public. 

Until now, RAQUE has connected and given forward love, inspirations, and knowledge to more than 5 million Thais throughout the country, via digital content and 'Depression Talk (ซึมเศร้า Talk)', has started to equip depressed patients with positive practices through talks and therapies, has created confidence and self worth through using artworks from co-designer-depressed patients to create RAQUE fashion products. And we will keep working.





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